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A Process-Structure-Property Simulation Framework for Quantifying Uncertainty in Additive Manufacturing: Application to Fatigue in Ti-6Al-4V
Pribe, J.D. et al. 

On the Fidelity of the Scaling Laws for Melt Pool Depth Analysis During Laser Powder Bed Fusion
M. Naderi et al. 

Quantitative Benchmarking of Acoustic Emission Machine Learning Frameworks for Damage Mechanism Identification
C. Muir et al.

Temperature-Dependent Material Property Databases for Marine Steels—Part 3: HSLA-80
J.K. Semple et al.

A Framework for the Optimal Selection of High-Throughput Data Collection Workflows by Autonomous Experimentation Systems
Rohan Casukhela et al.

PRISMS-Plasticity TM: An Open-Source Rapid Texture Evolution Analysis Pipeline
Mohammadreza Yaghoobi et al.

Feature Engineering for Microstructure–Property Mapping in Organic Photovoltaics
Sepideh Hashemi et al.

Random Generation of Lattice Structures with Short-Range Order
Lauren T. W. Fey & Irene J. Beyerlein

Mechanical Metrics of Virtual Polycrystals (MechMet)
Paul R. Dawson et al.

Perspectives on the Impact of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence on Materials, Processes, and Structures Engineering 
Dennis M. Dimiduk et al.

Three-dimensional Analysis and Reconstruction of Additively Manufactured Materials in the Cloud-Based BisQue Infrastructure
Andrew T. Polonsky et al.

Making the Case for a Model-Based Definition of Engineering Materials
David U. Furrer et al.

Process-Structure Linkages Using a Data Science Approach: Application to Simulated Additive Manufacturing Data
Evdokia Popova et al

ITKMontage: A Software Module for Image Stitching
Dženan Zukić et al