Aims and scope


This journal intends to share concepts, researches and practical

experiences to enable the organizations to become more flexible (adaptive,

responsive, and agile) at the level of strategy, structure, systems, people, and

culture. Flexibility relates to providing more options, quicker change

mechanisms, and enhanced freedom of choice so as to respond to the

changing situation with minimum time and efforts.

It aims to make contributions in this direction to both the world of

work and the world of knowledge so as to continuously evolve and enrich

the flexible systems management paradigm at a generic level as well as

specifically testing and innovating the use of SAP-LAP (Situation- Actor -

Process-Learning-Action-Performance) framework in varied managerial

situations to cope with the challenges of the new business models and

frameworks. It is a General Management Journal with a focus on flexibility.


The Journal includes papers relating to: conceptual frameworks, empirical

studies, case experiences, insights, strategies, organizational frameworks,

applications and systems, methodologies and models, tools and techniques,

innovations, comparative practices, scenarios, and reviews.

The papers may be covering one or many of the following areas: Dimensions of

enterprise flexibility, Connotations of flexibility, and Emerging managerial

issues/approaches, generating and demanding flexibility.