Call for Papers for Special Issue

Mathematical approaches for analyzing nanofluid behavior

Guest edited by  Mohsen Sheikholeslami

In this special issue, mathematical research about behavior of nanofluids is presented. Nanofluids are a combination of nanoparticles and fluids – typically used as coolant fluids – and can be categorized based on their applications into thermal fluids, lubrication fluids, biomedical fluids, catalytic fluids and thermal fluids. The specific surface area of nanoparticles makes them adaptable to thermal, mechanical, catalytic and electrical features, resulting in their suitability for different engineering applications. So nanofluids can lead to novel applications because of their adaptable optical, catalytic, biological and thermal character. 

There are two approaches for mathematical modeling of nanofluid flow and heat transfer: 1) Single phase model, 2) Two phase model. The first model considers a mixture of nanoparticles and base fluids as a homogeneous fluid. In the second approach, the slip velocity between particles and base fluids are considered, and new equations for the concentration of nanofluids will appear in governing equations. For mathematical simulation of this problem, not only the numerical approaches can be used but also semi analytical methods. Here, various applications of nanomaterial are presented in a highly interdisciplinary approach: papers on mathematical applications in relation to, aerospace technology, chemistry, energy, and mechanical and civil engineering are welcome.