Special Issue: Sociable arthropods: Broadening conceptions about social insects

This Special Issue welcomes reviews and articles highlighting how and why our knowledge of social arthropods with different life histories and origins of sociality.

Submissions open: 27 March 2023
Submissions close: 1 March 2024


For many entomologists, the term "social insect" usually means "eusocial insect" and is applied specifically to species that live in structured societies and exhibit the classical reproductive division of labour between reproductive castes. However, many insects exhibit a social life with a much wider range of behavioural interactions, including extended parental care, temporary versus permanent group living, territoriality, etc. This diversity has long been overlooked in the study of insect sociality, yet it often makes these species ideal models for investigating the drivers of social evolution and shedding light on the ecological benefits and costs of solitary versus social reproduction.

This special issue of Insectes Sociaux aims to reconcile these worlds by elucidating the diversity and importance of sociality in insects and arthropods. To this end, we welcome reviews and experimental studies that help to highlight how and why expanding our knowledge of social arthropods with very different life histories and possibly representing multiple evolutionary origins of sociality (e.g. bees, caterpillars, earwigs, aphids, spiders, ...) can be crucial for improving our general understanding of social life and evolution.

Deadline for submission:

1st March 2024.

Important Submission Information

To submit a manuscript for this Special Issue, authors should follow the steps below:

Authors submit their papers through the following website https://www.editorialmanager.com/inso/default2.aspxUnder “Additional Information”, authors must select “Yes” to their manuscript being submitted to a Thematic Series, then choose “SI: Sociable arthropods: Broadening conceptions about social insects”

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Guest Editor(s) Joël Meunier (joel.meunier@univ-tours.fr),  Miriam Richards (mrichards@brocku.ca) and Javier Quezada Euan (javier.quezada@correo.uady.mx), or Editor-in-Chief Madeleine Beekman (madeleine.beekman@sydney.edu.au).

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