Aims and scope

Insectes Sociaux (IS) is the journal of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI). It covers the various aspects of the biology and evolution of social insects and other presocial arthropods; these include ecology, ethology, morphology, population genetics, reproduction, communication, sociobiology, caste differentiation and social parasitism. The journal publishes original research papers and reviews, as well as short communications. An international editorial board of eminent specialists attests to the high quality of Insectes Sociaux, a forum for all scientists and readers interested in the study of social insects.

Bibliographic Data
Insect. Soc.
First published in 1952
1 volume per year, 4 issues per volume
approx. 600 pages per volume
Format: 21 x 27.9 cm
ISSN 0020-1812 (print)
ISSN 1420-9098 (electronic)