Colloid and Polymer Science Lecture

Since 2014 , the German Colloid Society together with the Editors-in-Chief of Colloid and Polymer Science award the "Colloid and Polymer Science Lecture", which is awarded at the Meeting of the German Colloid Society.  The aim of the award is to foster international scientific exchange and support and ‘enrich’ the program at the meetings by inviting internationally renowned scientists.

List of Awardees



to be announced




Véronique Schmitt

University of Bordeaux, France




Mitsuhiro Shibayama

University of Tokyo, Japan

  Exceptional research achievements in multiple areas of colloid and polymer science



Oren A. Scherman

University of Cambridge

  In recognition for his contributions in dynamic supramolecular assembly processes, molecular recognition and controlled polymer architectures



Steven P. Armes

University of Sheffield, UK

  In recognition of his research in the interdisciplinary field of colloid and polymer chemistry



Orlin D. Velev

North Carolina State University, USA

  For the visionary contributions to colloid science and innovative colloidal materials, especially in the areas of particle assembly at interfaces, nanostructures that possess electrical and photonic functionalities, microfluidic devices, and biosensors.