The 49th General Meeting of the German Colloid Society

The 49th General Meeting of the German Colloid Society was held 23–25 September 2019 at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) on the topic "Complex Fluids". Cover of conference flyer showing different spherical particles © Kolloidgesellschaft e. V.

The chair of the conference Cosima Stubenrauch and the co-chairs Peer Fischer, Frank Gießelmann and Thomas Sottman compiled a special issue on this event. 

Find the articles of the special issue here


Thomas Sottmann The 49th General Meeting of the German Colloid Society, 23–25 September 2019, Stuttgart, Germany (2021)

Perspective Article by Graham Prize winner Michael Borkovec

Michal Borkovec et al. Schulze-Hardy rule revisited

Article by  Winner of the Springer Lecture: Véronique Schmitt

Winner of Springer Lecture 2010 Véronique Schmitt with EiC of CPS and publishing editor © Julian Fischer

Valérie Héroguez et al. Elaboration of double emulsion-based polymeric capsules for fragrance

Invited Articles

Christine Papadakis et al. A molecular brush with thermoresponsive poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) side chains: a structural investigation

André Laschewsky et al. Poly(N,N-bis(2-methoxyethyl)acrylamide), a thermoresponsive non-ionic polymer combining the amide and the ethyleneglycolether motifs

Thomas Hellweg et al. Acrylamide precipitation polymerization in a continuous flow reactor: an in situ FTIR study reveals kinetics

Cosima Stubenrauch et al. Porous polymers via emulsion templating: pore deformation during solidification cannot be explained by an osmotic transport!

Thomas Sottmann et al. Adjustable polystyrene nanoparticle templates for the production of mesoporous foams and ZnO inverse opals

Thomas Palberg et al. Demonstration of variable angle super-heterodyne dynamic light scattering for measuring colloidal dynamics

Johannes Sachs et al. Characterization of active matter in dense suspensions with heterodyne laser Doppler velocimetry

Sabrina Disch et al. In situ magnetorheological SANS setup at Institut Laue-Langevin

Florian Rüling et al. Diffusive dynamics of elongated particles in active colloidal suspensions of motile algae

Mihail Popescu et al. The impact of geometrical confinement in a slab on the behavior of tracer particles near active glucose oxidase micropump