2019 Special Annual Issue

Chiari 1  Malformation – Contemporary Perspectives On Old Pathology

Graham Fieggen, ISPN president 2017–2018

ISPN presidential address 2018. Paediatric neurosurgery: Africa is our future

Should we stop using the term “malformation” for Chiari type 1?

Pediatric Chiari 1 malformation – Searching for clarity amidst myth, misnomer and misunderstanding

Chiari 1 - A 'Not so' Congenital Malformation


Chiari malformation type I: what information from the genetics?

Clinical diagnosis—part I: what is really caused by Chiari 1

Clinical diagnosis—part II: what is attributed to Chiari 1

Controversies related to pediatric Chiari I malformation

Chiari type 1 and hydrocephalus

Chiari 1 malformation and altered cerebrospinal fluid dynamics - the highs and the lows

Chiari 1 malformation and raised intracranial pressure

Chiari 1 malformation in defined genetic syndromes in children: are there common pathways?

Chiari 1 malformation and  untreated sagittal synostosis a new subset of complex Chiari?

Chiari malformation and atlantoaxial instability- problems of coexistence

Role of sleep study in children with Chiari malformation and sleep disordered breathing

Intraoperative Neurophysiological monitoring in paediatric Chiari surgery - help or hindrance?

The Seow Operative Score (SOS) as a decision-making adjunct for paediatric Chiari I malformation: a preliminary study


Defining, Diagnosing, Clarifying, and Classifying the Chiari 1 Malformations

Chiari 1 malformation in children—the natural history

Which neuroimaging techniques are really needed in Chiari 1? A short guide for radiologists and clinicians

Management of Chiari I malformations: A paradigm in evolution

Bony decompression vs duraplasty for Chiari 1 malformation: does the eternal dilemma matter?

Decompressive surgery for Chiari 1 malformation in children without dural repair: a still effective and safe procedure?

Complex Chiari malformation: using craniovertebral junction metrics to guide treatment

Scoliosis in patients with Chiari malformation type 1

Direct syrinx drainage in patients with Chiari 1 malformation


Management of Chiari malformations: opinions from different centers—a review

Surgery for Chiari 1 malformation: the Lille experience

Chiari 1 malformation management: The Red Cross Children's Hospital approach

“Management: opinions from different centers”—the Sankt Augustin experience

Management opinions from different centers (Rio de Janeiro)

Outcomes and complications for individual neurosurgeons for the treatment of Chiari 1 malformation at a children’s hospital

Management: opinions from different centers—the Istituto Giannina Gaslini experience

Results of the surgical treatment in children with Chiari malformation type 1

Opinion for different centers: surgical experience with Chiari malformation type 1 in children at Xuanwu Hospital, China

Management of Chiari 1 malformation in children: personal opinions


47th Annual Meeting of International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery, Birmingham, UK, 20-24 October, 2019