Peer Review

Original articles, Reviews, and methodological papers (Hints and Kinks) will benefit from rigorous double-blind peer review. One of the Co-Editors-in-Chief will screen the manuscript initially for general suitability within seven working days on average (2014), and will forward a positively decided manuscript to a Handling Editor, either a Senior Editor or Associate Editor of the IJPH Editorial Board. The Handling Editor will invite two or three external experts to review the manuscript, in which the identity of the authors will remain anonymous to the reviewers. In turn, the identity of the editors and reviewers also will not be disclosed to the authors. Author proposals for reviewers will be screened for conflicts of interest and expertise in case anyone will be invited. The Handling Editor and finally the Editor-in-Chief will make decisions on acceptance or rejection of a manuscript on the basis of the external reviews and their own review.

In 2014, the combined prescreen and peer-review rejection rate was 89%. The time to final acceptance of a manuscript, usually after two to three peer review rounds and revisions, was 171 days. The time to final rejection of a manuscript, usually after one peer review round, was 96 days. The Editorial Board is constantly working to reduce the duration of the peer review. Once the article is accepted, it will be published online first within three weeks.

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