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Market-driven forces and public health
The International Journal of Public Health (IJPH) invites proposals for original articles and systematic reviews relevant to the topic of market-driven forces and public health. The call relates to the 4th Latin American Public Health Meeting taking place 5 -7th August 2020 in Cali, Colombia. Successful articles will be published “online first” no later than the opening of the conference.

Editor: Lyda Osorio, School of Public Health Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia;
Guest editors: Janeth Mosquera Becerra, Daniel Cuartas, (School of Public Health
Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia), Yadira Borrero (National Faculty of Public Health, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia)

We look forward to your proposals!
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Special Issue: Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People – Focus Africa

Edited by Sonja Merten and Peter Waiswa

Call closed, submitted articles are under review
The International Journal of Public Health invites for peer review high-quality articles in the area of young people’s sexual and reproductive health with a particular focus on health challenges of young people in Africa.

Due Dates:
Pre-decision e-mail request: 31 January 2019
Online submission of full manuscripts (after invitation): 31 May 2019
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Young Researcher Editorials

Young researcher editorials (YREs) are editorials on topical discussions in public health written by PhD students from across the world (until 12 months after completion of the PhD). YREs convey a single, clear message. They have a short and catchy title, are 800 words long, and have up to ten (maximum) references. Doctoral students of Swiss School of Public Health will review YREs. After acceptance, all YREs receive free professional copyediting funded by the Swiss School of Public Health. 

- Raise novel issues in public health
- Discuss recent publications or themes addressed in IJPH or elsewhere
- Debate public health science and related policies
- Promote discussions about science careers in public health and related challenges
- Place public health challenges in a broader context
- Address matters of global or multi-regional relevance

YRE is a capacity-building project for PhD students, offered by the Swiss School of Public Health+.

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Knowledge Synthesis, Translation and Exchange
The Editors-in-Chief welcome submission to the section Knowledge synthesis, translation and exchange

Most Cited Articles

Have a look at the most cited articles published since 2016!

Preferred flavors and reasons for e-cigarette use and discontinued use among never, current, and former smokers

Use of electronic nicotine delivery systems and other tobacco products among USA adults, 2014: results from a national survey

Problematic mobile phone use of Swiss adolescents: is it linked with mental health or behaviour?

The efficacy and short-term effects of electronic cigarettes as a method for smoking cessation: a systematic review and a meta-analysis

Adolescents' responses to the promotion and flavouring of e-cigarettes

Dual use of electronic and tobacco cigarettes among adolescents: a cross-sectional study in Poland

Determinant factors of physical fitness in European children

Energy drink consumption, health complaints and late bedtime among young adolescents

Structural properties and psychometric improvements of the Health Literacy Questionnaire in a Slovak population

Short-term effects of fine particulate matter pollution on daily health events in Latin America: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Thanks to the Reviewers 2018

The Editors express their thanks to the reviewers for the time they committed and the valuable input they provided.
IJPH Thanks to all Reviewers 2018

Ottawa Statement (2016)

IJPH has endorsed the new Ottawa Statement that promotes population health intervention research.
Click for the full Ottawa Statement (PDF file)

Source: Di Ruggiero E, Potvin L, Allegrante JP, Dawson A, Verweij M, De Leeuw E, et al.
Ottawa Statement from the Sparking Solutions Summit on Population Health Intervention
Research. Can J Public Health 2016;107(6):e492–e493. Copyright © 2016 Canadian Public
Health Association. Reprinted with permission.

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