Top-10 Most Cited articles published 2001 - 2010

(Web of Science, as of July 1, 2019)

1. Gould, RJ
Advances on the Hamiltonian problem - A survey (104 cites)

2. Alon, N; Hoory, S; Linial, N
The Moore bound for irregular graphs (81 cites)

3. Demaine, ED; Demaine, ML
Jigsaw puzzles, edge matching, and polyomino packing: Connections and complexity (67 cites)

4. Randerath, B; Schiermeyer, I
Vertex colouring and forbidden subgraphs - A survey (66 cites)

4. Koolen, JH; Moulton, V
Maximal energy bipartite graphs (66 cites)

6. Pach, J; Wenger, R
Embedding planar graphs at fixed vertex locations (64 cites)

7. Favaron, O; Henning, MA
Paired-domination in claw-free cubic graphs (57 cites)

8. Kano, M; Li, XL
Monochromatic and heterochromatic subgraphs in edge-colored graphs - A survey (55 cites)

9. Fujita, S; Magnant, C; Ozeki, K
Rainbow Generalizations of Ramsey Theory: A Survey (45 cites)

10. Edwards, K; Hornak, M; Wozniak, M
On the neighbour-distinguishing index of a graph (42 cites)

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