Top-5 Most Cited articles published 2010 – 2019

(Web of Science, as of December 18, 2019)

1. Li, XL; Shi, YT; Sun, YF
Rainbow Connections of Graphs: A Survey (122 cites)

2. Chellali, M; Favaron, O; Hansberg, A; Volkmann, L
k-Domination and k-Independence in Graphs: A Survey (66 cites)

3. Fujita, Shinya; Magnant, Colton; Ozeki, Kenta
Rainbow Generalizations of Ramsey Theory: A Survey (56 cites)

4. Pearson, KJ; Zhang, T
On Spectral Hypergraph Theory of the Adjacency Tensor (55 cites)

5. Ozeki, K; Yamashita, T
Spanning Trees: A Survey (42 cites)

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