Call for Papers: “Coastal and marine geology in Southern Africa: alluvial to abyssal and everything in between."

Guest editors:

Dr Lynette Kirkpatrick ( and Dr Carlos Loureiro (

Research on coastal and marine geology of Southern Africa has resurged in the past decade, with a significant expansion in the scientific scope and geographical coverage. Aided by technological development and driven by increased societal relevance of marine geosciences, new work developed for this region has improved insights on a wide range of issues encompassing the coastal areas through to the deep waters around Southern Africa and contributed to deeper understanding of a range of marine geological processes. With this Special Issue of Geo-Marine Letters we aim to showcase the exciting new research on the wide range of topics that are covered by the journal and focus on the Southern Africa region. We welcome contributions that fit to the journal scope and regional focus of the Special Issue and demonstrate novelty and content that is internationally relevant. Letter-type submissions are especially encouraged, and all papers will be subject to the rigorous peer-review and editorial processes undertaken at Geo-Marine Letters.

Geo-Marine Letters is an international peer-reviewed journal which offers rapid publication of concise original studies and reviews dealing with processes, products and techniques in marine geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. Coverage spans structural geology, including plate tectonics of recent active and passive margins; sea-bed morphology, physiography and morphodynamics; sediment transport, depositional processes and sedimentary facies analysis; stratigraphy, basin analysis and paleo-environmental reconstruction; sea-level history, paleoproductivity, gas hydrates, salt domes and brines; sediment-water interaction and organism-sediment relationships; geochemical tracers, stable isotopes and authigenic mineral formation; geotechnical properties and application of new geo-marine techniques, and more. Full details on the journal scope, open access publication options and submission guidelines can be found here.

Submissions to this Special Issue are open from 25/07/2020 until 30/11/2020

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