Aims and scope

Zeitschrift für Bildungsforschung (ZBF) (“Journal of Educational Research”) is an academic journal for double-blind peer-reviewed original research that initiates, discusses, and theoretically validates innovations in education and thus supports evidence-based development in educational research.

As the official journal of the "Austrian Society for Research and Development in Education (ÖFEB)", ZBF pursues national goals by facilitating the networking of its members. However, submissions by international, especially German-language, researchers are welcome.

This interdisciplinary journal represents all academic disciplines that deal with educational processes, institutions or systems. In addition to empirical original articles on the development of educational policy, quality management and evaluation research, the ZBF publishes theoretical and philosophical papers on the foundations and basic assumptions of education, as well as articles on the further development of educational research methods. Systematic review articles and 'think pieces', which critically question traditional myths of education, complete the wide array of research.