Join the biweekly Experiment in Fluids Webinar!

Join the biweekly Experiments in Fluids Webinar Series!

Experiments in Fluids conducts a Seminar Series, held biweekly on Tuesdays at 4pm (Central European Time) with a format offering either a 30 minutes seminar followed by 15 minutes discussion, or two Article Teaser presentations (each 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion) presenting key results of recent articles appearing in Experiments in Fluids. These talks are held live, but in most cases are recorded and can be found on our YouTube channel. The current schedule of up-coming seminars is given below. To obtain the weekly link to this seminar it is necessary to register here, providing an institutional Email address. Of course you can remove yourself from the registration list at any time.

We look forward to greeting you shortly at one of our up-coming seminars.

The next webinar will take place after the summer break on
September 13, 2022, 4pm CET:
Serhiy Yarusevych, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dynamics of Laminar Separation Bubbles on Airfoils

Forthcoming webinars

September 27, 2022, 4pm CET
Andreas Schröder, DLR Goettingen, Germany
Recent Advances in Shake-The-Box Lagrangian Particle Tracking

October 11, 2022, 4pm CET
Teaser Presentations
Theresa Saxton-Fox, University of Illinois, USA
A novel experimental facility to impose unsteady pressure gradients on turbulent boundary layers
Igal Gluzman, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA
A simplified photogrammetry procedure in oil-film interferometry for accurate skin-friction measurement over arbitrary geometries

October 25, 2022, 4pm CET
Chris Willert, DLR Cologne, Germany
Event-based imaging velocimetry: A new approach to flow diagnostics based on particle imaging

Previous webinars

January 18, 2022 4pm CET
Christian Kähler, Bundeswehr University, Munich, Germany
How to prevent direct and indirect SARS-CoV-2 airborne transmission
Recording of this webinar you will find here

February 1, 2022 4pm CET
Dave Rival, Queens University, Kingston, Ont., Canada
Exploring the limits of flow measurements over very large volumes
Recording of this webinar you will find here

February 15, 2022 4pm CET
R.J. Martinuzzi, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Unsteady actuation and feedback control of the experimental fluidic pinball using genetic programming (Experiments in Fluids, 2021, 62: 219

P. Mirbod, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA
An experimental approach to analyze aerosol and splatter formations due to a dental procedure (Experiments in Fluids, 2021, 62: 202
Recording of this webinar you will find here

March 1, 2022 4pm CET
Chang-Jin Kim, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
Superhydrophobic drag reduction in turbulent flows
Recording of this webinar you will find here

March 15, 2022 4pm CET
Anya Jones, University of Maryland, USA
Flow separation and force production on wings in large disturbance flows
No recording available

March 29, 2022 4pm CET
Teaser Presentation
Jeanne Methel, ONERA, Toulouse, France
Methel, J., Forte, M., Vermeersch, O. et al. Experimental investigation on the effect of forward-facing steps and gaps combined with wall suction on boundary layer transition. Exp Fluids 63, 21 (2022)
The recording you will find here
Laurent David, University of Poitiers, Poitiers, France
Díaz-Arriba, D., Protas, B., Acher, G. et al. Application of a variational approach to the computation of forces around a wing. Exp Fluids 63, 31 (2022)
The recording you will find here

April 12, 2022, 4pm CET
Fulvio Scarano, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Advancements of Data Assimilation Techniques for PIV
The recording you will find here

April 26, 2022, 4pm CET
Bharath Ganapathisubraniam, University of Southampton, UK
Interaction between a synthetic jet and turbulent boundary layers: Experiments and Models
The recording you will find here

May 10, 2022, 4pm CET
Teaser Presentation
Joshua Weisberger, NASA Langley, USA
Weisberger, J.M., Bathel, B.F. Single source/cutoff grid, self-aligned focusing schlieren system. Exp Fluids 63, 38 (2022)
Recording of this webinar you will find here and

Simo Mäkiharju, University of Berkeley, California, USA
Mäkiharju, Simo A., Jan Dewanckele, Marijn Boone, Christian Wagner, and Andreas Griesser. "Tomographic X-ray particle tracking velocimetry." Experiments in Fluids 63, no. 1 (2022): 1-12.
Recording of the webinar you will find here

May 24, 2022, 4pm CET
J. Westerweel, TU Delft, The Netherlands
The Hydrodynamics of Propulsion in Rowing
Recording of the webinar you will find here

June 7, 2022, 4pm CET
Christian Cierpka, Technical University Ilmenau, Germany
Surface acoustic waves for particle manipulation – a holistic experimental approach
Recording of the webinar you will find here

June 21, 2022, 4pm CET

Teaser Presentations
Christoph Geschwindner, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Geschwindner, C., Westrup, K., Dreizler, A. et al. Ultra-high-speed time-resolved PIV of turbulent flows using a continuously pulsing fiber laser. Exp Fluids 63, 75 (2022)
The recording you will find here
Pallab Sinha Malapatra, Chennai, India
Josyula, T., Mahapatra, P.S. & Pattamatta, A. Internal flow in evaporating water drops: dominance of Marangoni flow. Exp Fluids 63, 49 (2022).
The recording you will find here