Review Articles in Experiments in Fluids

Progress in rheology and hydrodynamics allowed by NMR or MRI techniques
P. Coussot
2020, 61:207

Fast pressure-sensitive paint for understanding complex flows: from regular to harsh environments
Di Peng, Yingzheng Liu
2020, 61:8

From drop impact physics to spray cooling models: a critical review
Jan Breitenbach, Ilia V. Roisman, Cameron Tropea
2018, 59:55

Load-estimation techniques for unsteady incompressible flows
David E. Rival, Bas van Oudheusden
2017, 58:20

Hydrodynamics of foams
Stoyan I. Karakashev
2017, 58:91

A review of solid-fluid selection options for optical-based measurements in single-phase liquid, two-phase liquid-liquid and multiphase solid-liquid flows
Stuart F. Wright, Ivan Zadrazil, Christos N. Markides
2017, 58:108

A review of wind turbine-oriented active flow control strategies
Sandrine Aubrun, Annie Leroy, Philippe Devinant
2017, 58:134

Ultrasound imaging velocimetry: a review
Christian Poelma
2017, 58:3

Superhydrophobic drag reduction in laminar flows: a critical review
Choongyeop Lee, Chang-Hwan Choi, Chang-Jin Kim
2016, 57:176

Main results of the 4th International PIV challenge
Christian J. Kähler, Tommaso Astarita, Pavlos P. Vlachos, Jun Sakakibara, Rainer Hain, Stefano Discetti, Roderick La Foy, Christian Cierpka
2016, 57:97

Background-oriented schlieren (BOS) techniques
Markus Raffel
2015, 56:60

Electrical and mechanical characteristics of surface AC dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators applied to airflow control
Nicolas Benard, Eric Moreau
2014, 55:1846

Frictional drag reduction by bubble injection
Yuichi Murai
2014, 55:1773

Heat and mass transfer at a free surface with diabatic boundaries in a single-species system under microgravity conditions
Eckart Fuhrmann, Michael E. Dreyer
2014, 55:1760

Synchrotron X-ray techniques for fluid dynamics
Alan Kastengren, Christopher F. Powell
2014, 55:1686