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Volume 40 Issue 5

Neuer InhaltImages of chloroplasts obtained by confocal microscopy from leaves of tomato plants treated with TRIA (top row) in comparison with untreated controls (bottom row) at three irradiance levels (100, 200 and 600 µmol m-2 s-1)

Cover illustration from
Effects of Triacontanol and Light on Stomatal and Photochemical Responses in Solanum lycopersicum L.
Emilia Ramos-Zambrano, Tomás Ernesto Juárez-Yáñez, Daniel Tapia-Maruri, Brenda Hildeliza Camacho-Díaz, Antonio Ruperto Jiménez-
Aparicio & Alma Leticia Martínez-Ayala

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Volume 40 Issue 4

New Content ItemBamboo shoots of B. emeiensis. Bar = 10 cm

Cover illustration from
Morphological Structures of Bamboo (Bambusa emeiensis) Shoot Shells and Trichomes and Functions in Response to Herbivory
Yuanqiu Li, Lu Lei, Rui Luo, Chenhao Li & Chaobing Luo

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Volume 40 Issue 3

Neuer InhaltCompound and scanning electron microscopic images of stomatal apertures representing abaxial leaf surface of 45-day-old Brassica juncea leaves showing stomatal aperture under control and 10–5 M SNP treatments.

Cover illustration from
Nitric Oxide‑Mediated Enhancement in Photosynthetic Efficiency, Ion Uptake and Carbohydrate Metabolism that Boosts Overall Photosynthetic Machinery in Mustard Plants
Fareen Sami, Husna Siddiqui & Shamsul Hayat

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Volume 40 Issue 2

Neuer InhaltStructural details of the AR in the active and dormant state.

Cover illustration from
Aerial Root Structure and Its Significance for Function in Dracaena draco
Joanna Jura-Morawiec, Pedro Monroy, Aguedo Marrero & Mirela Tulik

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Volume 40 Issue 1

Neuer InhaltLeaf surface of  pigeonpea genotypes exposed to water deficit. 

Cover illustration from
Protective Mechanism Triggered by Pigeonpea Plants Exposed to Water Deficit: Modifications Linked to Paraheliotropism, Stomatal Characteristics and Antioxidant Enzymes
Sacha Manuelly da Silva Lobato, Lucilene Rodrigues dos Santos, Breno Ricardo Serrão da Silva, Waldjânio de Oliveira Melo & Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato

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Volume 39 Issue 4

Neuer InhaltBrassinosteroids improve plant tolerance to a wide range of abiotic stresses. A large number of studies have revealed the stress-protective roles of exogenous brassinosteroid application in enhancing plant tolerance to a variety of abiotic stresses, such as heat, cold, freezing, drought, salinity, heavy metals, pesticides, and organic pollutants

Cover illustration from
Brassinosteroids in Plant Tolerance to Abiotic Stress
Golam Jalal Ahammed, Xin Li, Airong Liu & Shuangchen Chen

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Volume 39 Issue 3

Neuer InhaltInteraction network of AsA-related proteins in celery plant and Arabidopsis

Cover illustration from
Effect of Elevated CO2 on Ascorbate Accumulation and the Expression Levels of Genes Involved in Ascorbate Metabolism in Celery
Jie-Xia Liu, Kai Feng, Guang-Long Wang, Xue-Jun Wu, Ao-Qi Duan, Lian Yin, Di Shen, Zhi-Sheng Xu
& Ai-Sheng Xiong

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Volume 39 Issue 2

Neuer InhaltGeneral mechanisms of arsenic uptake and sequestration in plants

Cover illustration from
Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of Arsenic Phytoremediation
Sapna Thakur, Shruti Choudhary, Aasim Majeed, Amandeep Singh & Pankaj Bhardwaj

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Volume 39 Issue 1

Neuer InhaltStomatal characteristics of P.erosus grown under LEP

Cover illustration from
The Influence of Light Wavelength on Growth and Antioxidant Capacity in Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urban
Ill Min Chung, Niroj Paudel, Seung-Hyun Kim, Chang Yeon Yu & Bimal Kumar Ghimire

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Volume 38 Issue 4

Neuer InhaltA diagrammatic model of the proposed effect of exogenous glucose on the expression of IAA biosynthesis and polar transport genes, and genes related to the regulation of root development in Malus baccata (L.) Borkh

Cover illustration from
Exogenous Glucose Mediates the Regulation of Root Morphology and Carbon–Nitrogen Metabolism by Indole‑3‑Acetic Acid (IAA) in Malus baccata (L.) Borkh. in Soil with Low Organic Carbon Content
Dongmei Lang, Deguo Lyu, Zitan Zhu & Sijun Qin

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Volume 38 Issue 3

Neuer InhaltHistological study of two see varieties of Latif (left) and Golestan (right). (a, b) diem, (c,d) 40% and (e,f ) 100% field capacity. Anatomic structure of seeds after staining with toluidine blue O for phenolic compounds. T Cotyledon

Cover illustration from
Anatomic Features and Antioxidant Activity of Cotton Seed (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Genotypes Under Different Irrigation Regimes
Elham Faghani, Maryam Kolahi, Borhan Sohrabi & Andrea Goldson-Barnaby

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Volume 38 Issue 2

Neuer InhaltApplying Epibrassinolide and Brassinosteroid Mimetics to Herbicide-stressed plants significantly improved the growth and biomass compared with plants only receiving Nicosulfuron Toxicity

Cover illustration from
Application of Brassinosteroid Mimetics Improve Growth and Tolerance of maize to Nicosulfuron Toxicity
Shaojin Liu, Yan He, Hao Tian, Chunxin Yu, Weiming Tan, Zhaohu Li & Liusheng Duan

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Volume 38 Issue 1

Neuer InhaltOverexpression of peach PpIAA19 in tomato affects shape and parthenocarpy (lower panels)

Cover illustration from
Over-expression of Peach PpIAA19 in Tomato Alters Plant Growth, Parthenocarpy, and Fruit Shape
Yifeng Ding, Wenfang Zeng, Xiaobei Wang, Yan Wang, Liang Niu, Lei Pan, Zhenhua Lu, Guochao Cui, Guohuai Li & Zhiqiang Wang

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