Special Issues of the Journal of Plant Growth Regulation

Special Issues published in the Journal of Plant Growth Regulation are curated by special Guest Editors and feature research and reviews that explore a particular topic.

Explore and read a selection of the journal’s Special Issues online:

Phytohormone-like Plant Growth Regulators: Plant Responses, Stress Mitigation, and Crosstalk
Guest Edited by Tariq Aftab, M. Naeem, Parvaiz Ahmad
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Phytohormones of Isoprenoid Origin and their Role in Plants
Volume 39, issue 4, December 2020
Guest Edited by Parvaiz Ahmad

Advances in Plant Hormone Research and Environmental Stress Tolerance
Volume 37, issue 4, December 2018
Guest Edited by Parvaiz Ahmad & Andrzej Bajguz

History of Plant Hormone Research
Volume 34, issue 4, December 2015
Guest Edited by Jutta Ludwig-Müller & Hartwig Lüthen

Volume 33, issue 1, March 2014
Guest Edited by Klaus Humbeck