Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing Gallery of covers

Each issue of Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing features a visually striking figure or image on its cover. To further highlight this, we will be collecting them here.

September 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from Multipitched plasmonic nanoparticle grating for broadband light enhancement in white light-emitting organic diodes by Manuel Auer-Berger, Veronika Tretnak, Christian Sommer, Franz-Peter Wenzl, Joachim R. Krenn & Emil J. W. List-Kratochvil 

August 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from MHz burst mode processing as a tool for achieving removal rates scalability in ultrashort laser micro-machining by Hoang Le, Themistoklis Karkantonis, Vahid Nasrollahi, Pavel Penchev & Stefan Dimov 

July 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from Nanosecond laser ablation threshold of liquid tin microdroplets by R. A. Meijer, D. Kurilovich, B. Liu, Z. Mazzotta, J. Hernandez-Rueda, O. O. Versolato & S. Witte 

June 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from Synthesis and characterization of mixed ternary transition metal ferrite nanoparticles comprising cobalt, copper and binary cobalt–copper for high-performance supercapacitor applications by Sherief A. Al Kiey, Rania Ramadan & Mai M. El-Masry 

May 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from Direct patterning of methylammonium lead bromide perovskites by thermal imprint by A. Mayer, T. Haeger, M. Runkel, J. Staabs, J. Rond, F. van gen Hassend, P. Görrn, T. Riedl & H.-C. Scheer 

April 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from In situ preparation of graphene oxide–CdTe nanocomposites with interesting optical properties by Lintao Chen, He Li, Luting Ling, Jiazhuang Guo, Haixia Shen, Cai-Feng Wang & Su Chen

March 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from Optimal temperature and Mn content for enhancing optical properties and inducing room temperature ferromagnetism of Mn doped In2O3 nanocubes by M. A. Awad & Mohamed Rabia

February 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from Four-terminal perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells based on large-area perovskite solar cells utilizing low-cost copper semi-transparent electrode by Manas R. Samantaray, Dhriti S. Ghosh & Nikhil Chander 

January 2022

New Content Item

Cover image taken from Process limits for percussion drilling of stainless steel with ultrashort laser pulses at high average powers by David Brinkmeier, Daniel Holder, André Loescher, Christoph Röcker, Daniel J. Förster, Volkher Onuseit, Rudolf Weber, Marwan Abdou Ahmed & Thomas Graf 

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