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New Thematic Series "Strongly Correlated Topological Insulators, SmB6 and Beyond" open for pre-submission inquiries

We cordially invite you to contribute an article to new Thematic Series entitled “Strongly Correlated Topological Insulators, SmB6 and Beyond” guest-edited by:

Cagliyan Kurdak (Physics Department, University of Michigan,
Lu Li (Physics Department, University of Michigan,
Kai Sun (Physics Department, University of Michigan,
James W. Allen (Physics Department, University of Michigan,

The topical collection will cover the recent developments in the area of strongly correlated topological insulators. Most of the work in this area has been performed on the mixed valent rare-earth compound SmB_6, which exhibits a cryogenic bulk gap arising from the hybridization of f-electrons with the conducting d-electrons. There is growing evidence that the material hosts topologically protected surface states in the insulating phase.  We encourage submissions that focus on the study of both bulk and surface, including those aimed at probing topological properties arising from the spin-momentum locking of surface carriers as well as those exploring the possibilities of bulk quantum phases with striking exotic physics. The collection aims to include recent work on related materials to provide a broader view of this field and its connections to other branches of the topological matter and strongly correlated electron communities.

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