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The Editors are pleased to announce our new online journal feature: Editors' Choice.

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MHz burst mode processing as a tool for achieving removal rates scalability in ultrashort laser micro-machining


Hoang Le, Themistoklis Karkantonis, Vahid Nasrollahi, Pavel Penchev & Stefan Dimov 

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List of Editors' Choice Articles

Articles selected by the journal's editors in the previous months are listed below:

In situ preparation of graphene oxide–CdTe nanocomposites with interesting optical properties

Wavelength dependence of picosecond-pulsed laser ablation of hot-dip galvanized steel

Rapid formation of high aspect ratio through holes in thin glass substrates using an engineered, QCW laser approach

Fused deposition modeling of high-loading-fraction bonded Fe–Si–Al/PP magnets

Process limits for percussion drilling of stainless steel with ultrashort laser pulses at high average powers

Effects of static load and residual stress on fused silica direct bonding interface properties

Flexoelectricity effect on the size-dependent bending of piezoelectric nanobeams resting on elastic foundation

Switching characteristics of NiOx crossbar arrays driven by low-temperature electroforming

Numerical studies of dielectric material modifications by a femtosecond Bessel–Gauss laser beam

Hyperbranched hierarchical nanoarchitectures of ZnOHF: synthesis, characterization, growth mechanism and their gas sensing property

Cylindrically and non-cylindrically symmetric expansion dynamics of tin microdroplets after ultrashort laser pulse impact