T. Hillen, Alberta

M. Lewis, Edmonton

A. Marciniak-Czochra, Heidelberg

Editorial Board

E. Baake, Bielefeld
Mathematical Population Genetics

T. Britton, Stockholm
Epidemic Models, Evolutionary Models

R. Bürger, Wien
Population Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

H. Byrne, Oxford
Cancer, biomechanics

V. Calvez, Lyon

P. Clote, Chestnut Hill, MA
Proteomics, RNA Structure and Kinetics, Synthetic Biology

M. Doumic, Paris
Inverse Problems, Population Dynamics

R. Eftimie, Besançon
Pattern Formation in Ecology and Cell Biology; Cancer Immuno-Therapies

R. Erban, Oxford
Intracellular Processes, Multiscale Modelling

A. Goriely, Oxford
Biomechanics, Physiology

A. Hening, Texas
Population Dynamics, Stochastic Models, Ecology

N. Hill, Glasgow
Mechanobiology, biological fluid dynamics, soft tissue mechanics

K.T. Huber, Norwich
Phylogenetics, Molecular Evolution

Y. Iwasa, Kyushu
Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour

H. de Jong, Saint Ismier
Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Metabolic, Gene, and Signalling Networks, Microbial Systems Biology

K-Y. Lam, Columbus
PDE, ecology

U. Ledzewicz, Illinois, Lodz
Optimal Control in Biology, Mathematical Models of Cancer

S. M. Lenhart, Knoxville
Optimization, ecology, epidemiology

Y. Lou, Shanghai
Reaction-Diffusion Equation, Population Biology

F. Lutscher, Ottawa
Ecology, climate change, PDEs

P. Magal, Bordeaux
Differential Equations, Population Dynamics, Epidemiology

P.K. Maini, Oxford
Developmental Biology, Cancer

M. Myerscough, Sydney
Population dynamics

S. Petrovskii, Leicester
Spatial ecology, dynamical systems, PDEs

A. Pugliese, Trento
Evolutionary Biology, Evolution, Population Dynamics

G. Raoul, Paris
Partial Differential Equations, Evolutionary Biology

S. Ruan, Miami
Epidemics, structured population models, ecology

S. Schreiber, Davis
Community Structure, Population Dynamics, Evolutionary Processes

M. Souza, Rio de Janeiro
Mathematical Epidemiology, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Dynamics

M. Steel, Canterbury
Phylogenetics, Modelling Evolution

M. Tang, Shanghai Jiaotong
Kinetic Models for Chemotaxis, Continuous Models for Tumor Growth

J. Velasco-Hernandez, Mexico City
Mathematical Epidemiology, Disease Dynamics

H. Wang, Edmonton
Differential Equations, Ecology, Epidemiology

Z. A. Wang, Hong Kong
PDE, pattern formation

J. Wu, Toronto
Delay Differential Equations, Structured Population Dynamics, Disease Modelling, Neural Dynamics

R. Yvinec, Paris
Coagulation-fragmentation Processes, Chemical Reaction Network, Structured Population Dynamics

X. Zou, London
Epidemiology, Dynamics

Honorary Editors

O. Diekmann, Utrecht
A. Hastings, Davis, CA
S.A. Levin, Princeton, NJ
H. Smith, Tempe