2019 Most Downloaded Articles (articles published in 2018 and 2019)

Resolving discrepancies between laboratory-determined field capacity values and field water content observations: implications for irrigation management
Steven R. Evett, Kenneth C. Stone, Robert C. Schwartz, Susan A. O’Shaughnessy, Paul D. Colaizzi, Scott K. Anderson & David J. Anderson

Crop Water Stress Index of an irrigated vineyard in the Central Valley of California
John H. Prueger, Christopher K. Parry, William P. Kustas, Joseph G. Alfieri, Maria M. Alsina, Héctor Nieto, Tiffany G. Wilson, Lawrence E. Hipps, Martha C. Anderson, Jerry L. Hatfield, Fen Gao, Lynn G. McKee, Andrew McElrone, Nurit Agam & Sebastian A. Los

Evapotranspiration estimates derived using thermal-based satellite remote sensing and data fusion for irrigation management in California vineyards
Kyle R. Knipper, William P. Kustas, Martha C. Anderson, Joseph G. Alfieri, John H. Prueger, Christopher R. Hain, Feng Gao, Yun Yang, Lynn G. McKee, Hector Nieto, Lawrence E. Hipps, Maria Mar Alsina & Luis Sanchez

A model to formulate nutritive solutions for fertigation with customized electrical conductivity and nutrient ratios
J. M. Moreira Barradas, B. Dida, S. Matula & F. Dolezal

Evaluation of TSEB turbulent fluxes using different methods for the retrieval of soil and canopy component temperatures from UAV thermal and multispectral imagery
Héctor Nieto, William P. Kustas, Alfonso Torres-Rúa, Joseph G. Alfieri, Feng Gao, Martha C. Anderson, W. Alex White, Lisheng Song, María del Mar Alsina, John H. Prueger, Mac McKee, Manal Elarab & Lynn G. McKee

Assessment of different methods for shadow detection in high-resolution optical imagery and evaluation of shadow impact on calculation of NDVI, and evapotranspiration
Mahyar Aboutalebi, Alfonso F. Torres-Rua, William P. Kustas, Héctor Nieto, Calvin Coopmans & Mac McKee

Forward to the GRAPEX special issue
William P. Kustas, Nurit Agam & Samuel Ortega-Farias

Irrigation of ‘Hass’ avocado: effects of constant vs. temporary water stress
Avner Silber, A. Naor, H. Cohen, Y. Bar-Noy, N. Yechieli, M. Levi, M. Noy, M. Peres, D. Duari, K. Narkis & S. Assouline

Evaluation of crop water stress index and leaf water potential for deficit irrigation management of sprinkler-irrigated wheat
Adnan Alghory & Attila Yazar

Determining a robust indirect measurement of leaf area index in California vineyards for validating remote sensing-based retrievals
William A. White, Maria Mar Alsina, Héctor Nieto, Lynn G. McKee, Feng Gao & William P. Kustas