2019 Most Cited Articles (articles published in 2018 and 2019)

Effect of optimization forms of flow path on emitter hydraulic and anti-clogging performance in drip irrigation system
Ji Feng, Yunkai Li, Weinan Wang & Song Xue

A cost analysis for using recycled irrigation runoff water in container nursery production: a Southern California nursery case study
Bruno J. L. Pitton, Charles R. Hall, Darren L. Haver, Sarah A. White & Lorence R. Oki

Evapotranspiration estimates derived using thermal-based satellite remote sensing and data fusion for irrigation management in California vineyards
Kyle R. Knipper, William P. Kustas, Martha C. Anderson, Joseph G. Alfieri, John H. Prueger, Christopher R. Hain, Feng Gao, Yun Yang, Lynn G. McKee, Hector Nieto, Lawrence E. Hipps, Maria Mar Alsina & Luis Sanchez

Evaluation of TSEB turbulent fluxes using different methods for the retrieval of soil and canopy component temperatures from UAV thermal and multispectral imagery
Héctor Nieto, William P. Kustas, Alfonso Torres-Rúa, Joseph G. Alfieri, Feng Gao, Martha C. Anderson, W. Alex White, Lisheng Song, María del Mar Alsina, John H. Prueger, Mac McKee, Manal Elarab & Lynn G. McKee

Growth and water relations of field-grown 'Valencia' orange trees under long-term partial rootzone drying
Amr Mossad, Alessio Scalisi & Riccardo Lo Bianco

Impact of hydrodynamics on clay particle deposition and biofilm development in a labyrinth-channel dripper
Nassim Ait-Mouheb, Juliette Schillings, Jafar Al-Muhammad, Ryad Bendoula, Séverine Tomas, Muriel Amielh & Fabien Anselmet

Removal of paclobutrazol from irrigation water using granular-activated carbon
George A. Grant, Paul R. Fisher, James E. Barrett & Patrick C. Wilson

Quantifying soil moisture deficit effects on soybean yield and yield component distribution patterns
Chathurika Wijewardana, K. Raja Reddy, Firas A. Alsajri, J. Trenton Irby, Jason Krutz & Bobby Golden

Crop Water Stress Index of an irrigated vineyard in the Central Valley of California
John H. Prueger, Christopher K. Parry, William P. Kustas, Joseph G. Alfieri, Maria M. Alsina, Héctor Nieto, Tiffany G. Wilson, Lawrence E. Hipps, Martha C. Anderson, Jerry L. Hatfield, Fen Gao, Lynn G. McKee, Andrew McElrone, Nurit Agam & Sebastian A. Los

Utility of the two-source energy balance (TSEB) model in vine and interrow flux partitioning over the growing season
W. P. Kustas, J. G. Alfieri, H. Nieto, T. G. Wilson, F. Gao & M. C. Anderson