Special Issues in 2021 - a call for papers

Celebrating the diverse range of specialties and themes encompassed by microbial ecology, the Editors of Microbial Ecology are calling for submissions to the following Special Issues in 2021:

Functional human microbiome: going beyond the sequence
Edited by Manolito Torralba and Joseph Petrosino
Submission deadline: 4th June 2021

In this Special Issue, we explore recent significant advancements in the human microbiome space, including looking at novel diseases, understudied populations of people, as well as the small molecules and other signatures produced by the microbes that inhabit the human body.

Emerging Pathogens, Food Security and One Health
Edited by Michael Schloter and Karen Nelson
Submission deadline: 5th May 2021

This Special Issue is dedicated to the interactions of humans, animals and plants, their microbial ecology and how they interact in their shared environments to enable One Health.