Top Downloaded Articles in 2021

In 2021, Pediatric Cardiology articles were downloaded over 400,000 timesWe would like to highlight the ten that were most downloaded.

Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome: Temporally Associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS): Cardiac Features, Management and Short-Term Outcomes at a UK Tertiary Paediatric Hospital –– Tristan Ramcharan et al. (2020).

Long QT Syndrome: Genetics and Future Perspective –– Eimear Wallace et al. (2019).

Role of a Pediatric Cardiologist in the COVID-19 Pandemic –– Talha Niaz et al. (2021).

The Deconditioning Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Unaffected Healthy Children –– Jeffrey D. Dayton et al. (2021).

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Associated with COVID-19 Anti-thrombosis Guideline of Care for Children by Action –– Neha Bansal et al. (2021).

Consensus Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Periprocedural Complications of Transcatheter Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure with the Amplatzer Piccolo Occluder in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants –– Shyam Sathanandam et al. (2021).

Worse Hospital Outcomes for Children and Adults with COVID-19 and Congenital Heart Disease –– Danielle D. Strah et al. (2021).

Antenatal and Perioperative Mechanisms of Global Neurological Injury in Congenital Heart Disease –– Melinda Barkhuizen et al. (2021).

Assessment of Cardiac Arrhythmic Risk in Children With Covid-19 Infection –– Äbrahim Ece et al. (2021).

Telehealth for Pediatric Cardiology Practitioners in the Time of COVID-19 –– Devyani Chowdhury et al. (2021). 

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