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Nicorandil Affects Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Function by Increasing Complex III Activity and ROS Production in Skeletal Muscle Mitochondria

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-dependent potassium channels openers (KATP) protect skeletal muscle against function impairment through the activation of the mitochondrial KATP channels (mitoKATP). Previous reports ...

E. Sánchez-DuarteC. Cortés-RojoL. A. Sánchez-Briones… in The Journal of Membrane Biology (2020)

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Partial Reactions of the Na,K-ATPase: Determination of Activation Energies and an Approach to Mechanism

Kinetic experiments were performed with preparations of kidney Na,K-ATPase in isolated membrane fragments or reconstituted in vesicles to obtain information of the activation energies under turnover conditions...

Hans-Jürgen ApellMilena Roudna in The Journal of Membrane Biology (2020)

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Experimental and Computational Characterization of Oxidized and Reduced Protegrin Pores in Lipid Bilayers

Protegrin-1 (PG-1), an 18-residue β-hairpin stabilized by two disulfide bonds, is a member of a family of powerful antimicrobial peptides which are believed to act through membrane permeabilization. Here we us...

Mykola V. RodninVictor Vasquez-MontesBinod Nepal… in The Journal of Membrane Biology (2020)

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Towards a Quantitative Understanding of Protein–Lipid Bilayer Interactions at the Single Molecule Level: Opportunities and Challenges

Protein–lipid interfaces are among the most fundamental in biology. Yet applying conventional techniques to study the biophysical attributes of these systems is challenging and has left many unknowns. For exam...

Gavin M. KingIoan Kosztin in The Journal of Membrane Biology (2020)

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How We Came to Understand the “Tumultuous Chemical Heterogeneity” of the Lipid Bilayer Membrane

The path to our modern understanding of the structure of the lipid bilayer membrane is a long one that can be traced from today perhaps as far back as Benjamin Franklin in the eighteenth century. Here, I provi...

William C. Wimley in The Journal of Membrane Biology (2020)

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