Aims and scope

In the year 2000, the two journals Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré, physique théorique and Helvetica Physical Acta merged into a single new journal under the name Annales Henri Poincaré - A Journal of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics edited jointly by the Institut Henri Poincaré and by the Swiss Physical Society.

The goal of the journal is to serve the international scientific community in theoretical and mathematical physics by collecting and publishing original research papers meeting the highest professional standards in the field. The emphasis will be on analytical theoretical and mathematical physics in a broad sense.

The journal is organized into eighteen sections:

- Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
- Conformal Field Theory
- Constructive Field Theory
- Dynamical Systems
- Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
- General Relativity and Geometric Partial Differential Equations
- Integrable Probability and Random Matrices
- Integrable Systems
- Mathematical Condensed Matter Theory
- Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics
- Perturbative Quantum Field Theory
- Quantum Chaos
- Quantum Dynamics
- Quantum Gravity
- Quantum Information
- Spectral, Scattering and Semi-Classical Analysis
- Statics and Dynamics of Disordered Systems
- String Theory

Bibliographic Data
Ann. Henri Poincaré
First published in 2000
1 volume per year, 12 issues per volume
approx. 3200 pages per volume
Format: 15.5 x 23.5 cm
ISSN 1424-0637 (print)
ISSN 1424-0661 (electronic)

AMS Mathematical Citation Quotient (MCQ): 1.15 (2020)

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