Call for Papers: Topical Collection “Advances in Cephalopod Research”

Guest editors:

Rui Rosa (
Zoe Doubleday (
Michael Kuba (
Jan Strugnell (
Erica Vidal (
Roger Villanueva (

We call for papers presenting the latest advances on cephalopod research, covering a wide range of disciplines, including Life History, Behaviour, Biodiversity, Biogeography, Genetics, Evolution, Fisheries, Culture and Welfare, among others. Authors who made a contribution to the CIAC 2022 conference (; April 2-8, 2022), as an oral presentation or a poster, are specially encouraged to submit their findings. All manuscripts will be pre-screened by the guest editors and, if suitable, reviewed by at least two external experts.

Dates for submissions:

Open: April 8, 2022;
Deadline for submissions: December 8, 2022