Call for Papers

The Impact of Marine Plastic Debris on Life in the Sea 


The journal ‘Marine Biology’ publishes a Topical Collection on ‘the Impact of Marine Plastic Debris on Life in the Sea’. We now call for papers presenting significant results on the effects of the encounter of organisms, species or communities with synthetic material of all sizes. No preference is given to papers showing detrimental effects (e.g. through ingestion of plastic by sea birds), also manuscripts which do not provide an evidence for negative effects will be considered (e.g. no measurable effects of experimental microplastic ingestion of organisms).
All manuscripts will be pre-screened by the editorial board and, if suitable, reviewed by at least two external experts. 

A Topical Collection (TC) replaces the former Special Issue, however it is available only online. In contrast to the former Special Issues where the first paper had to wait for the last manuscript accepted, a TC is open with the first paper accepted, so publication of articles is not delayed compared to ‘normal publication’. Manuscripts included into the TC will also be published online first and included into the monthly print issues. Publication in a TC provides an additional possibility to draw the attention of the audience to an article. 

Ulrich Sommer
Editor-in Chief
Marine Biology
GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany