Topical Collection: Exercise-Related Changes to Brain: From Physiology to Behaviour

We invite you to contribute to a new Topical Collection entitled “Exercise-Related Changes to Brain: From Physiology to Behaviour” in Experimental Brain Research. There is burgeoning evidence that exercise improves brain health via structural and functional changes that promote improved cognition and executive function. The goal of this collection is to better understand the mechanisms and contributing cause(s) by which exercise improves cognition.

All accepted papers must have some focus on exercise and brain-behaviour relations to identify the exercise-related (neuro)physiological mechanisms that improve behaviour (i.e., cognition) and determine how moderators such as exercise duration, frequency and intensity influence brain-behaviour relations. Studies that employ physiological and/or structural and functional imaging techniques to identify exercise-related changes in brain-behaviour relations are of particular interest; as are exercise manipulations that aim to improve cognitive performance and executive function; and exercise-related brain-behaviour benefits in clinical populations.

Review articles, mini reviews, and original research articles can be submitted to the collection.

If you are interested in contributing to this topical collection, please contact one of the collection’s Guest Editors – Dr. Matthew Heath ( or Dr. Lindsay Nagamatsu ( Please note that articles submitted to this collection will be published on a continuous publication schedule once they are accepted and note that we invite submissions up to March 31, 2023.