Call for Papers: Topical Collection ‘Dopamine System Involvement in Impulse Control’

 New Content ItemWe want to invite you to contribute to EBR’s second Topical Collection “Dopamine System Involvement in Impulse Control.” The purpose of this topical collection is to help identify biological and neurophysiological factors that influence function within a person’s dopamine system and their levels of impulse control. Studies focusing on genetics, dopaminergic medication, and individual differences in dopamine synthesis are of particular interest. Studies assessing motor or cognitive domains of impulsivity across the lifespan in humans and in clinical populations are also welcomed.

The goal of this collection is to improve our understanding of factors contributing to individual differences in dopamine neurotransmission and resulting impulsive behavior. This understanding may lead to the stratification of risk for impaired impulsive trait behavior in otherwise healthy people and/or impulse control problems with the onset of disease.

If you are interested in contributing an Original Article or Review, please get in touch with one of the collection’s Guest Editors - Dr. Hayley MacDonald ( or Dr. Marit Ruitenberg (