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Naturally occurring bisphenol F in plants used in traditional medicine

Management of oxidative stress and other pathologies in Alzheimer’s disease

The application of omics-based human liver platforms for investigating the mechanism of drug-induced hepatotoxicity in vitro

Kidney-based in vitro models for drug-induced toxicity testing

Will worker DNELs derived under the European REACH regulation extend the landscape of occupational exposure guidance values?

Anogenital distance as a toxicological or clinical marker for fetal androgen action and risk for reproductive disorders

Effects of isoflavones on breast tissue and the thyroid hormone system in humans: a comprehensive safety evaluation

Xenobiotica-metabolizing enzymes in the skin of rat, mouse, pig, guinea pig, man, and in human skin models

Innovative organotypic in vitro models for safety assessment: aligning with regulatory requirements and understanding models of the heart, skin, and liver as paradigms

Nanomaterials: certain aspects of application, risk assessment and risk communication

An adverse outcome pathway for parkinsonian motor deficits associated with mitochondrial complex I Inhibition

A primer on systematic reviews in toxicology

Toxicology of silica nanoparticles: an update

Recent aspects of the effects of zinc on human health

Organophosphorus compounds and oximes: a critical review

ROS-associated immune response and metabolism: a mechanistic approach with implication of various diseases

Autophagy: a promising process for the treatment of acetaminophen-induced liver injury

Glutaminases regulate glutathione and oxidative stress in cancer

Drug induced liver injury: an update

An update on T-2 toxin and its modified forms: metabolism, immunotoxicity mechanism, and human exposure assessment

Occupational endotoxin exposure and health effects

Human Family 1–4 cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in the metabolic activation of xenobiotic and physiological chemicals: an update

Origins, fate, and actions of methylated trivalent metabolites of inorganic arsenic: progress and prospects

Toxicology and pharmacology of synthetic organoselenium compounds: an update