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Energy storage systems are essential to the operation of electrical energy systems. They ensure continuity of energy supply and improve the reliability of the system by providing excellent energy management techniques. Energy storage systems can be in many forms and sizes. Energy can be stored as potential, kinetic, chemical, electromagnetic, thermal, etc. Some energy storage forms are better suited for small-scale systems as well as for large-scale storage systems. Some of the energy storage systems are chemical batteries, fuel cells, ultra-capacitors, super capacitors, superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES), and fly wheels etc.  Cost is a critical factor when determining whether an energy storage application makes economic sense. The potential applications of energy storage systems include utility, commercial and industrial, off-grid and micro-grid systems. Innovative energy storage systems help with frequency regulation, can reduce a utility’s dependence on fossil fuel generation plants, and shifting to a more sustainable model over time. Renewables with energy storage can act as the baseload power source of a microgrid and reduce the use of fossil-fuel based generators. The proposed special issue covers energy storage systems and applications, including the various methods of energy storage and their incorporation into and integration with both conventional and renewable energy systems.

This special issue focuses on:

engineering, optimization, numerical modelling and design aspects of energy storage systems;performance assessment methodologies for the control of storage systems;energy storage technologies for hybrid energy systems;battery storage, smart charging stations and electrical vehicle integration,management and control of large quantities of distributed storage systems as virtual large scale storage systems;design, control and application of battery energy storage in on/offgrid system;renewable based off grid/gridconnected systems and their control with energy storage;energy storage for microgrids;power quality Improvement in supply network with the Integration of energy storage systems; energy storage systems for grid support including use with ancillary services.

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Important Dates

Full manuscript due: 31 January 2021

Decision notification: 30 March 2021

Guest editors:

B. Chitti Babu -
IIITD&M Kancheepuram, Chennai, India

Michal Frivaldsky -
University of Zilina, Slovakia

Zhengyu Lin -
Loughborough University, UK

Luigi Piegari -
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Sabharaj Arya -
SVNIT Surat, India

Mohammad Sanjari -
Griffith University, Australia