Call for Papers: Special Issue on Applications of Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

Dear Colleague – 

We are inviting submissions for a special issue of Empirical Economics on applications in efficiency and productivity measurement. Firm-level technology and productivity are key inputs to models in many fields including trade, labor, environmental economics, industrial organization, financial economics as well as management, rendering the measurement of efficiency and productivity impactful across many different areas of economics beyond just microeconomic analysis of the firm. This field is constantly evolving as new approaches are suggested and implemented on a near weekly basis. For evidence of this look no further than the biannual conferences run in Europe, North American and the Pacific Rim. These conferences routinely host myriad “methods” and “applications” sessions where leading scholars study cutting-edge techniques to solve outstanding issues in the field. Our hope is to embrace the numerous research articles focused on solid application of any of these methods—including stochastic frontier, data envelopment analysis as well as a proxy-based approach—to construct a special issue that highlights the wide array of application domains, consistent with the aims and scopes of Empirical Economics. While the focus is on efficiency and productivity measurement, we do not wish to place too narrow of a focus on any specific type of application to broaden the appeal to readers. Applications in energy, banking, the environment, agricultural production, manufacturing, cross-country growth, education, the public sector and more will be considered. We also welcome research focusing on sustainable productivity, efficiency and related indices. The submission is open until the end of February 2020. Should you have any questions concerning the special issue, please do not hesitate to contact either of us. 

Guest Co-Editors:
Subal C. Kumbhakar, Distinguished Professor, Binghamton University
Christopher F. Parmeter, Associate Professor, University of Miami
Emir Malikov, Lee Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas