Notes for Reviewers

We are looking for papers which:

* Focus on theoretical perspectives and methodological issues within broader intellectual/or societal contexts.

* Make a critical contribution to debates on society, culture and technology;

* Make a useful contribution to the debates on human organisations, industrial cultures, working life and living conditions, and cultural and social values of societies;   

* Take an 'over the horizon' view that contributes to the interplay between technology, knowledge and society;

* May challenge existing orthodoxies and propose alternatives that cultivate dialogues between technology and society.

Student Forum paper may include theoretical, methodological, and application orientations of ongoing research including case studies, as well as, contextual action research experiences.

Review Guidelines

1. Does the paper provide a critical overview of current and contextual research, and its contribution to the stated domain knowledge?

2. Does the paper make a contribution to ongoing/ or to new directions of AI and society research.

3. Does the paper have a clear understanding of the theoretical and methodological underpinnings, and makes a coherent argument?

4. Does the paper have a clear understanding of the application, implication and/or impact of the methodology in societal settings?

5. Has the author applied the proposed method within a practical setting, and evaluated and analysed the findings?

6. Are conclusions clearly formed from the discussion?

7. Does the paper provide adequate references?

8. What advice would you as a reviewer give to the author(s) to improve the paper?

Please indicate your recommendation as follows:

[1]. Accept as it is
[2]. Accept with minor modifications
[3]. Return for major revision
[4]. Reject

Please indicate if you would accept your review to be sent to the author:

[5] With your name on it
[6] Anonymously

Further Comments and Suggestions:

These Guidelines can also be downloaded as a pdf here