Aims and scope

Health Information Science and Systems is a multidisciplinary journal that integrates artificial intelligence/computer science/information technology with health science and services, embracing information science research coupled with topics related to the modeling, design, development, integration and management of health information systems, smart health, artificial intelligence in medicine, and computer aided diagnosis, medical expert systems.

The scope includes:

i.) smart health, artificial Intelligence in medicine, computer aided diagnosis, medical image processing, medical expert systems

ii.) medical big data, medical/health/biomedicine information resources such as patient medical records, devices and equipments, software and tools to capture, store, retrieve, process, analyze, optimize the use of information in the health domain,

iii.) data management, data mining, and knowledge discovery, all of which play a key role in decision making, management of public health, examination of standards, privacy and security issues,

iv.) development of new architectures and applications for health information systems.

Topics include but not limited:

  • Artificial intelligence in Heath and Medicine
  • Medical Expert systems
  • Smart health technology
  • Artificial Intelligence in medicine,
  • Computer aided diagnosis
  • Medical image processing
  • Medical expert systems
  • Medical Data mining
  • Deep leaning techniques in Health data
  • Advances in Biomedical data analysis
  • Machine learning based analysis and models in Medicine
  • Computer aided techniques in Biomedical signal and image processing
  • IT support for early diagnosis and management for chronic diseases