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Highlighted paper of 2019 : C. Ziegler et al., "Large hydraulic safety margins protect Neotropical canopy rainforest tree species against hydraulic failure during drought"

Data papers: Moving towards Open science

AFS is now opening a specific section on data papers. Data papers are describing datasets of different sizes. The datasets should be openly available and must have a DOI (see our instructions on the AFS blog)

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Partnership with Peerage of Science

as of 2015, authors may submit their manuscripts either on our traditional Editorial Manager platform, or via Peerage of Science. Peerage of Science organizes a fast and transparent peer review of your manuscript

Visit peerageofscience.org

50 years anniversary

AFS is proud to present a special issue celebrating its 50th anniversary. It contains a series of review papers on important topicds that have changed forest and wood sciences in the last decades

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In order to ensure the quickest publication and citation possible for its authors, AFS will change for a continuous article publishing as of January 2017: once accepted and ready for publication, papers will be directly published in an issue. The issue will be in construction for 3 months until the next issue starts being build. Authors will no longer need to wait for months until their articles moved from the e-only section to an issue and obtains its final page numbering. This will simplify paper processing and indexing.

Green Open Access

The final publisher version of articles published in Annals of Forest Science will be made freely available under a .pdf format in an open archive after a period of embargo of 12 months. The whole archive of Annals of Forest Science is now available in the repository for scientific publication HAL.