SECOND VIRTUAL ISSUE: Insights on work in agriculture

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We are very pleased to inform you that the second Virtual Issue of Agronomy for Sustainable Development: INSIGHTS ON WORK IN AGRICULTURE is available as a special service for you. Our Virtual Issues are compiled in close collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief and focus on cutting-edge topics. They present key articles which have been published in the journal over the course of the last years.

Work in agriculture is a topic of major importance, considering the 1.3 billion of farmworkers (25% of the world active population) and the ongoing climate, market, and digital changes, which raise many planet issues such as food security, biodiversity, greenhouse gas, and water. Employment is more and more one of these core issues, notably in southern countries, because of the migration fluxes, and employment in the rural areas. Agriculture means steering biological processes leading to food and more frequently non-food production. But it also means men and women, family workers, and wage earners engaged in farming. “Work in agriculture” is indeed a rather imprecise expression, covering various themes and discipline interests, but all dealing with (i) people at work (employment, gender, health, skills and know-how, job satisfaction…) and (ii) farming systems (labor, equipment, practices, off-farm activities, efficiency and resilience, indicators and values) (Darnhofer et al. 2012; Dedieu 2019) (Fig. 1).

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This virtual issue gathers nine review and research articles published in Agronomy for Sustainable Development, providing novel insights on the diverse approaches of work in agriculture. Some of these articles were presented during the 1st International Symposium on Work in Agriculture in Maringa, Brazil, in 2016 (Dedieu and Damasceno 2016).

Editorial: Insights on work in agriculture

Published in cooperation with
The French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE)

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