Call for Papers: Special Issue on Charles W. Eriksen

Deadline for submission: March 1, 2020

Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics is now inviting manuscripts for a special issue of research inspired by the work of Charles W. Eriksen. Charles W. Eriksen (aka “Erik”) (1923-2018) had a lasting influence on empirical evidence, methodology, and theoretical ideas in research on human visual information processing. Many results, methods, and ideas in contemporary research on perception and attention originated in Erik’s work. He contributed more than 150 scientific articles, and his top 50 articles have been cited more than 20,000 times. Erik was the founding editor of Perception & Psychophysics, and served as its Principal Editor for 23 years. When he retired in 1993, Erik had the longest continuously funded research grant in all of NIH, and he was the last recipient of a Research Career Award.

This special issue aims to highlight and advance contemporary research on human perception and attention relevant to the work of Charles W. Eriksen. We invite contributions of both original research and reviews of research that advance current understanding of scientific issues, methods, findings, or theoretical ideas that were the focus of Erik’s research career. This special issue will be guest edited by Joseph S. Lappin (Vanderbilt University), Gordon D. Logan (Vanderbilt University), Lisa R. Fournier (Washington State University), and James E. Hoffman (University of Delaware). For more information on this special issue, please see the more detailed Call for Papers document located in the sidebar to the right.

All submissions will undergo normal, full peer review, maintaining the same high editorial standards for regular submissions to Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics. If you have any question about a possible submission, please contact Joe Lappin (

Manuscripts should include a cover letter indicating that the submission is for the Eriksen special issue. Because this is a journal special issue, not an edited book, the deadline is firm; our intention is to publish the special issue 6-8 months after the submission deadline. Revisions invited by the guest editors will be expected within two months of receipt of the editorial decision letter and reviews.

For more details, please download Special Issues - Eriksen CFP (docx, 15 kB) or see