Aims and scope

Regional Research of Russia is the sole social science English-language journal focused on spatial development of Russia and its regions, and the post-Soviet states. The journal covers issues of economic and human geography, regional geography, regional economics and sociology, spatial planning, regional policy, urban and rural studies, and geography of resource management. The journal presents scientific results gained by researchers both in Russia and abroad. It aims to promote contacts between Russian and foreign regional specialists. Although articles are devoted to regional problems of Russia and the post-Soviet space, the journal welcomes contributions from all countries.
Regional Research of Russia publishes English translations of articles selected from three Russian academic journals:

  • Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. Seriya Geograficheskaya,
  • Izvestiya Russkogo Geograficheskogo Obshchestva,
  • Region: Ekonomika i Sotsiologiya.

and from other Russian-language journals on the case-by-case basis, as well as original papers. The source of each article is described at the article level on the title pages. The selection for Regional Research of Russia is made by the Editorial Board. Both original papers and the articles selected from other journals are peer-reviewed and subject to the same high standards for the quality of content, and publication ethics. The editorial policy is consistent for all parts of the journal. Currently most of the articles are from Russia, but the journal welcomes original manuscripts on regional problems in the English or Russian languages from all countries.

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