Aims and scope

The Journal of Cryptographic Engineering (JCEN) presents high-quality scientific research on architectures, algorithms, techniques, tools, implementations and applications in cryptographic engineering, including cryptographic hardware, cryptographic embedded systems, side-channel attacks and countermeasures, and embedded security. JCEN serves the academic and corporate R&D community interested in cryptographic hardware and embedded security.

JCEN publishes essential research on broad and varied topics including:

  • Public-key cryptography, secret-key cryptography and post-quantum cryptography
  • Cryptographic implementations include cryptographic processors, physical unclonable functions, true and deterministic random number generators, efficient software and hardware architectures
  • Attacks on implementations and their countermeasures, such as side-channel attacks, fault attacks, hardware tampering and reverse engineering techniques
  • Security evaluation of real-world cryptographic systems, formal methods and verification tools for secure embedded design that offer provable security, and metrics for measuring security
  • Applications of state-of-the-art cryptography, such as IoTs, RFIDs, IP protection, cyber-physical systems composed of analog and digital components, automotive security and trusted computing