Best Paper Award

Collectanea Mathematica Best Paper Award is granted for outstanding achievement in any branch of mathematics for articles published in the journal.

The award consists of a prize of 2,000€, with the winner also receiving a plaque, stating his/her name, the year, and the title of the journal.

The Committee who will select and review the candidate papers is conformed by:
Loukas Grafakos, Craig Huneke, Rosa M. Miró-Roig, Jordi Pau, Josep Vives.


2019 - S. A. Seyed Fakhari for his paper ``Regularity of symbolic powers of cover ideals of graphs". Collect. Math 70 (2019) 187 – 195. (Click here to read.)

2018 - Robert Kesler and Michael T. Lacey for their paper "Sparse endpoint estimates for Bochner–Riesz multipliers on the plane" Collect. Math 69 (2018) 427 -435. (Click here to read.)