Featured Article: August 2020

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Summary: Sorafenib, a first-line drug for advanced liver cancer, exhibits low and inconsistent oral bioavailability due primarily to its poor aqueous solubility, extensive first-pass metabolism and high level drug efflux by P-gp. Administration of sorafenib at high doses, necessary for meaningful therapeutic action, increases the intensity of associated side effects. Therefore, efforts were undertaken to develop supersaturated Type-III self-emulsifying delivery system for efficient and safe delivery of sorafenib, capitalizing the ease of preparation, biocompatibility, biodegradability, ability to bypass first-pass metabolism, high drug loading capacity, colloidal stability for long-term storage, and excellent scalability. Promising outcomes in diverse experimental studies corroborate immense potential of the system in augmenting the chemotherapeutic efficacy of sorafenib while minimizing safety concern.

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