Aims and scope

The journal provides a unique forum for scientific publication of high-quality research that is exclusively focused on translational aspects of drug delivery. Rationally developed, effective delivery systems can potentially affect clinical outcome in different disease conditions.

Research focused on the following areas of translational drug delivery research will be considered for publication in the journal.

    • Designing and developing novel drug delivery systems, with a focus on their application to disease conditions;
    • Preclinical and clinical data related to drug delivery systems;
    • Drug distribution, pharmacokinetics, clearance, with drug delivery systems as compared to traditional dosing to demonstrate beneficial outcomes
    • Short-term and long-term biocompatibility of drug delivery systems, host response;
    • Biomaterials with growth factors for stem-cell differentiation in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering;
    • Image-guided drug therapy,
    • Nanomedicine;
    • Devices for drug delivery and drug/device combination products.

In addition to original full-length papers, communications, and reviews, the journal includes editorials, reports of future meetings, research highlights, and announcements pertaining to the activities of the Controlled Release Society.