Aims and scope

3D Research (3DR) is the first journal devoted to materials and technologies for the generation, processing, and display of information in three dimensions. The journal spans disciplines and applications areas, emphasizing research that seeks to enable technological developments in the field of 3D and to further the goal of unifying 3D research in engineering, physics, materials science, chemistry, as well as psychology and neuroscience.

3DR provides an international forum for the rapid publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed research. Original research papers are published as 3DR Express. 3DR Commentaries are invited personal viewpoints and perspectives addressing topics of general interest to the 3D community and highlighting new areas of science. 3DR Commentaries are typically commissioned by the Editorial Board but unsolicited submissions are also welcome. 3DR Review is a format that focuses on the summarization of currently well-established theoretical and experimental results. 3DR Reviews are commissioned solely by the Editorial Board.

Key features:

  • First journal to focus on the burgeoning field of 3D information science and technology
  • Emphasizes research that seeks to uncover the science underlying technological advances
  • Covers all application areas from consumer electronics to biomedical imaging
  • Offers rapid review and publication
  • Availability through SpringerLink ensures worldwide visibility for your work