Journal updates

  • Future Theme Issues

    January 2020
    Neurobiological Targets in Translational Addiction Research

    Guest Editors:  Jesse Schank (U-GA) and Carolina Haas-Koffler (Brown)

    April 2020
    Neurocritical Care:  Bench to Bedside and Back

    Guest Editors:  Claude Hemphill (UCSF) and Michael James (Duke) 

    July 2020
    Aligning New Approaches to Accelerate the Development of Analgesic Therapies

    Guest Editors: Christine Sang (Brigham) and William Schmidt (NorthStar Consulting)

    October 2020
    Therapeutic Advances in Movement Disorders

    Guest Editors:  Caroline Tanner and Jill Ostrem (UCSF)