Aims and scope

Neurotherapeutics® is the journal of the American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics (ASENT). Each issue provides critical reviews of an important topic relating to the treatment of neurological disorders written by international authorities.

The Journal also publishes original research articles in translational neuroscience including descriptions of cutting edge therapies that cross disciplinary lines and represent important contributions to neurotherapeutics for medical practitioners and other researchers in the field.

Neurotherapeutics ® delivers a multidisciplinary perspective on the frontiers of translational neuroscience, provides perspectives on current research and practice, and covers social and ethical as well as scientific issues.

Future Theme Issues:

January 2020
Neurobiological Targets in Translational Addiction Research
Guest Editors: Jesse Schank (U-GA) and Carolina Haas-Koffler (Brown)

April 2020
Neurocritical Care: Bench to Bedside and Back
Guest Editors: Claude Hemphill (UCSF) and Michael James (Duke)

July 2020
Aligning New Approaches to Accelerate the Development of Analgesic Therapies
Guest Editors: Christine Sang (Brigham) and William Schmidt (NorthStar Consulting)

October 2020
Therapeutic Advances in Movement Disorders
Guest Editors: Caroline Tanner and Jill Ostrem (UCSF)