New subtitle: A Journal of Environment and Society

As of January 2021, Ambio has a new subtitle to better capture the content of Ambio: A Journal of Environment and Society. Read more about the reasons for this change.

Our current subtitle ‘‘A Journal of the Human Environment’’ is open for interpretation. For some the term ‘human environment’ points to social environments; others associate it with natural environments. We find both these interpretations unfortunate since Ambio has never been a journal that focuses on the natural or the social environment exclusively. To the contrary, it has always been the ambition to publish interdisciplinary research. After an online vote among editors and advisory board members we decided that our 50th Anniversary is the right time to change the subtitle to better capture the content of Ambio. Based on the majority vote we decided that the new subtitle of Ambio from January 2021 and onwards will be:

A Journal of Environment and Society

The new subtitle is distinct, lucid, and importantly underscores the mutual relationship between society and environment. Needless to say, individual articles could lean more heavily on either of these but in order to be an Ambio article, it should have some element of both, or at least demonstrate the gist of the relationship. As before you should still only use ‘‘Ambio’’ with an initial capital letter when citing our journal.