Read and share influential articles published during the 2010s

We will also celebrate the diversity of influential articles published over the past 10 years, i.e. from the time of Ambio's transition to Springer Nature. We perused all of the 1212 Ambio papers published from January 2010 to December 2019 to select some of the most innovative and important ones, while at the same time avoiding overlap with the thematic articles of the 50th Anniversary Collection

As of 2021 we will promote one article per week by including the
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Week 1
Trends in Ecosystem Service Research: Early Steps and Current Drivers
Authors: Petteri Vihervaara, Mia Rönkä & Mari Walls
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Week 2
Fish Migration, Dams, and Loss of Ecosystem Services in the Mekong Basin
Authors: Patrick J. Dugan, Chris Barlow, Angelo A. Agostinho, Eric Baran, Glenn F. Cada, Daqing Chen, Ian G. Cowx, John W. Ferguson, Tuantong Jutagate, Martin Mallen-Cooper, Gerd Marmulla, John Nestler, Miguel Petrere, Robin L. Welcomme & Kirk O. Winemiller
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Week 3
Urban Transitions: On Urban Resilience and Human-Dominated Ecosystems
Authors: Henrik Ernston, Sander E. van der Leeuw, Charles L. Redman, Douglas J. Meffert, George Davis, Christine Alfsen & Thomas Elmqvist
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Week 4
Current Nitrogen Management Status and Measures to Improve the Intensive Wheat–Maize System in China
Authors: Zhenling Cui, Xinping Chen & Fusuo Zhang
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Week 5
The Threats from Oil Spills: Now, Then, and in the Future
Authors: Arne Jernelöv
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Week 6
Current Nitrogen Management Status and Measures to Improve the Intensive Wheat-Maize System in China
Authors: Zhenling Cui, Zinping Chen & Fusuo Zhang
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Week 7
Coping with Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Risk Governance: A Synthesis
Authors: Ortwin Renn, Andreas klinke & Marjolein van Asselt
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Week 8
Habitat Loss, the Dynamics of Biodiversity, and a Perspective on Conservation
Authors: Ilkka Hanski
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Week 9
When Ecosystem Services Crash: Preparing for Big, Fast, Patchy Climate Change
Authors: David D. Breshears, Laura López-Hoffman & Lisa J. Graumlich
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